In-House Counsel Jobs-Jdhuntr-10700 Attorney, General Corporate, Glendora, CA

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In-House Jobs JDHUNTR
In-House Counsel Jobs-Jdhuntr-10700 Attorney, General Corporate, Glendora, CA
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Company is seeking an attorney to join the legal group of a growing mutual fund and exchange-traded fund services business. Responsibilities include, among other things: (1) drafting and reviewing initial closed-end and open-end, multi-class mutual fund registration statements to ensure disclosure requirements are met; (2) preparing annual updates to registration statements; (3) ensuring timely and accurate regulatory filings, including registration statement amendments, exchange listing applications, proxy statements and related filings; (4) communicating with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") examiners and New York Stock Exchange representatives on behalf of fund clients; (5) taking and drafting board meeting minutes.

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